segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2008

Almost a year later

Nowadays we communicate quite differently from the way our grandparents used to do. It is a shame that more people read less qualified literature and with it increasingly loses contact with the language’s cultured form; obviously I am talking about those who can and should have that contact.

Added to this we can see the massive invasion of foreign and unnecessary material in our language, the availability and speed that these contents are conveyed through a variety of electronic media such as television, internet and so ... which have no tradition in preserving the proper use of language, added to the poor vocabulary due to lack of good reading and thus the lack of critical spirit (which is also fed by the lack of good reading), add to form a shameful scene of real cultural subservience.

The most frightening is that this state of affairs is not only installs in the less favored cultural and financially layers, but also in circles where we should expect a greater knowledge and zeal to the language. Language is the most democratic heritage of a people, is a element that gives it identity, it is intangible heritage to be preserved.

Certainly we communicate in a way quite different than our grandparents, certainly quicker, but I see each way more people, mostly young people, with difficulties to articulate thoughts and express ideas; the vocabulary is small, the linguistics constructions are badly manipulated, the use of verbs is poor.